Sol. Edil Casali - Who we are

My name is Giuseppe Gallarotti, and I've been working in the construction industry for all of my life:

  • four years as freelancer;
  • thirty-four years as SolEdil's partner and main engineer;

After all this time, I find myself in a tricky situation. A crossroads with these two options only:

  • Give up my activity and slowly proceed towards a "forced" retirement;
  • Start over again, with a new motivation. An highly specialized work, a modern project founded upon the oldest element in the world: the stone;

I think I've got the right skills and the best staff, and that's why I decided not to retire but to get involved again, better and deeper than ever.

That's where the concept and ideas behind this website come from. That's why Sol.Edil Casali was created!

Let's take then a little step backwards... because I want you to know where my company comes from.


Sol.Edil. S.r.l. was born in September 1980 and, since the beginning, it has always worked in the construction industry exclusively with its own employees, no "third party" involved... Originally made up of two brothers, Bruno and Giuseppe, the company got started by building condominiums of middle size, looking after their sale as well.

Bruno deals with the building sites as foreman, strong of his 25 years experience in the field;
Giuseppe follows the technical and project management aspects, looking after the whole batch of Sol.Edil's building projects;


We started (occasionally) dealing with the buildings recovery and renovation activity and, in a very short time, this will turn into the main activity of the company; that was the turning point during which we approached the stone for the first time...


The company is, by then, exclusively focused on recovery and renovation activities, with growing fondness for stone buildings.


Sol.Edil. Casali has become the specialized enterprise in recovery and renovation of farmhouses, old houses and mills and every infrastructures in which stone has the starring role.

Sol.Edil. Casali has the operating capacity of three properties per year; this is because we still want to work with our own specialized employees exclusively, without involving anyone else and looking after each stage of our projects personally. Because we know this is the only way to keep our very high quality level.

Sol.Edil. Casali is a small but highly qualified reality. This is our choice. Because, bear in mind... we do this, above all, for passion.