Why the stone?

A stone house is the greatest extension of your own body. It lives under the sun, it sleeps under the moon and, in the still of the night, it dreams...constantly dreams...

Natural stone has been used for thousand years in homes building, and the reasons for its longevity are everlasting, yet surprisingly up with the times.

Excellent thermal insulator, it ensures warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Stone is an utterly natural material, it does not contain synthesized chemical substances (often bearers of doubtful effects for the health), it evenly diffuses the heat and let our house literally "breath".

Last, but not least, stone has the invaluable quality of being able to match and highlight with both classical and modern outlines, due to its nearly endless colour range and manufacturing options variety. No matter what kind of exteriors and interiors you combine it with, the dramatic effects of stone renovation will leave you speechless and pleased, always.