Food for thought...

Have you ever thought about investing your savings in a "different" way?

During these last few years, due to the economic crisis, people expectations and guarantees have started to falter... our future has never seemed more uncertain. For those used to live a wealthy lifestyle, or whom have a relative good amount of savings... cities are turning more and more into hostile and intimidating places to live. Where can you go to find some peace of mind then? Whether you're aiming to a change of lifestyle, or simply looking for a private spot in which you could relax and enjoy yourself, family and friends... well, I dare to say you're about to discover that I'm the right person to deal with.

In fact, I hereby mean to offer you a compelling alternative for your future.

Purchase a farmhouse, abandoned on the mountains and far from the town. A farm that we can easily help you finding and bringing back to its ancient splendor, by renovating the property and implementing the land. All of this, knowing exactly and precisely how much it will cost you, prior to the beginning of work.

Certainly, this investment will bring about feelings of serenity and safety to your family. Because from that moment onward... you will know exactly where to take shelter or just a break, in your safe spot. Far from the stress of the world and definitely nearer to the needs of your soul.

In fact, once the renovation process is completed, you will be able to rediscover the values of a quiet life, lived close to the nature. The charm of the succession of seasons will give a new rhythm to your existence and, in time, you won't regret your previous life at all.

What if the economic foresights we envisage will turn out to be wrong? We obviously wish to be mistaken in describing such an uncertain future; nevertheless, a farmhouse is and it will always be a great investment. We are sure about this, as the stone farmhouses, built as they used to be in the old times, are very few and not easy to find. Every owner of such a place tries to hold onto it, because they know that, in time, their properties are going to rise in value. It's not only a "breath of pure life" that you will find there then, but a great value and a good investment as well. Come what may, a plot of land and a farmhouse will always be a concrete source of income. If only you ever decide to leave and sell it, of course!

Think calmly and peacefully over what you've just read.

Here follows a quick description of some of the locations where we can find several old farmhouses and lands for you to recover:

- On the Heighs of Valtaro and its tributaries (District of Parma)

- In the Val di Vara (District of La Spezia)

- In the Val Petronio (Sestri Levante's hinterland - District of Genova)

If you're interested in any of these locations, please feel free to get in touch with us. We can arrange a meeting, and provide you with all the information required, including a precise quote. It's entirely free and with no commitment required.

We know inch by inch the territories where we work, therefore, we only need to know in advance what type of estate you'd be interested to purchase. Once your preferences and ideas for the project are clear, we'll be looking for the right place for you and deal with the present owners, in your behavior.