Customized Solutions

Sol.Edil. Casali is specialized in stone properties recovery and renovation, but not only!

A farmhouse recovery is a very delicate activity to achieve; it has to be absolutely customized to fit the client taste. A farmhouse renovation can be achieved throughout nearly unlimited solutions (especially with regards to details and materials), therefore everything has to be chosen beforehand in accordance with the client. The outcome has to turn out up to his/her expectations, lasting to the liking in the time to come.

Are you looking for a farmhouse but you can't find it?

Sol. Edil Casali offers you, alongside a selection of its own properties, the chance to seek a farmhouse, in your behalf, suitable for your specific requirements.

In the districts of Parma and La Spezia, in the municipalities of Val Petronio (Sestri Levante's hinterland - Genova) and Val di Vara (Cinque Terre), Sol.Edil. Casali has gained long-standing experience and knowledge in seeking properties throughout all these territories, yours shall be the next!

Take advantage of this chance!

Book a free appointment, come and visit us, tell us what you are looking for. Spending a few hours with us, whatever comes, is going to be an enjoyable and interesting experience, and absolutely free of charge!

Sol.Edil. Casali will follow the realization of your dream, step by step:

  • We will find the right farmhouse for you;
  • We will deal with the owner of the property, in order to get the best possible prize;
  • We will plan and choose, together with you, the best recovery and renovation solutions for the property;
  • We will develop the project, together;
  • We will deliver the house you've always wanted, with no surprises whatsoever, looking exactly as we planned beforehand!

Do you have your own farmhouse waiting for renovation?

Sol.Edil. Casali ha un approccio diverso alla ristrutturazione.

Sol.Edil. Casali has a different and very unique approach to renovation. We are not only technicians; we offer the most important skill in this work: the experience! The high competence of our employees comes from decades of teamwork (we were born in 1980 and some of the employees have been with us ever since!). We'll come to see your building and, together, we will evaluate what to do;

day by day, you'll be able to follow the evolution of the project, asking for advice and finding with us the best solution to every little issue that might occur.

Sol.Edil. Casali arranges and agrees in writing all the work: the kind of materials to be used, its quantities and everything else that is needed to deliver the finished house to the customer.

The costs, to be agreed before work begins, will no longer be subject to change!

We are at complete disposal of our clients, for further information and surveys.

All of this is in complete transparency; the skill of our technicians is to be able to properly assess the financial commitment you're going to face, so that you won't have any unpleasant surprises!

Sol. Edil. Casali is not a real estate agency, yet it offers a full service. We've realized that often the biggest problem is not finding the right house (we know well how and where to find it) but the stage of recovery. This should be flawlessly done at fixed costs, before work commencement!

We can help you … get in touch with us now!