Liguria's Project

Sol.Edil. Casali is up to a rather ambitious project: to let the majority of people discover an "hidden" reality of our peninsula. A part of our land that, too often, is not properly valued... in despite of the fact that it can offer intense emotions.

The Val Petronio

The "Val Petronio" extends itself from the crystalline seaside of Sestri Levante and Riva Trigoso (a few minutes from Santa Margherita, Portofino, Moneglia and the whole Cinque Terre) up to the high hills of Velva and Missano, where the maritime climate mixes with the air of the mountains and the flora is enriched with chestnut, pine and oak trees.

La Val Petronio

It's like a thin half-moon, overlooking a stunning sea: this is the Liguria. Sometimes rugged, yet always and extremely exciting; it's a land in love with the sea, resting on steep hills.

The ligurian hinterland is a wonderful reality; the sea on one side, the mountains on the other, with these amazing villages set in between like gems.

Buying properties here, in order to renovate and eventually sell them... showing and advising potential buyers, throughout all the particularity of these areas... this is our most ambitious bet.

Velva - entroterra ligure

These areas praise a considerable number of infrastructures and activities, suitable for tourist accommodation and leisure: guided tours, restaurants, equipped beaches, lots of enjoyable trails, breath-taking backdrops, tourist fishing, all of them waiting for you to get the best out of your relaxing moments.

The Val di Vara

The "Val di Vara" is located in the ligurian hinterland and it is the largest valley within the La Spezia's district and the whole Liguria. It takes its name from the river Vara, which born from the Mount Zatta and flows slowly into the widest river Magra, after a run of 58 kms. The valley is surrounded by high and middle elevations, the highest of which is Mount Gottero, with its 1640 meters of height.

Val di Vara - entroterra ligure

Within the historic Lunigiana (which boundaries extend from Deiva Marina to the Garfagnana), the "Val di Vara" is located in the most north-western part of the region and it develops towards south-east, along the river. It borders with tuscan Lunigiana (through the villages of Zeri, Mulazzo, Tresana and Podenzana), from which it is separated by the ligurian Apennines. The "Val di Vara" is extremely similar to the high and middle "Val di Magra", with its succession of sheltered villages on wooded peaks, mediaeval suburbs, parish churches, castles, sanctuaries and mills.

Cinque Terre

In this valley, likewise, nature repeats itself with forests and pristine waterways, vast meadows, ridges and routes that pass through the area. This parallelism is very clean-cut, as shown in the suburb of Montedivalli, in the municipality of Podenzana, in the ligurian territory. Many of its suburbs have a typical medieval round structure, with streets and houses gathered around the centre of the village.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your own property here?

Riva Trigoso

Sol.Edil Casali can realize this possibility.

In fact, we have already several housing solutions in this area and, on request, we can find the perfect farmhouse or mill for you, fit right for your needs. Just check out our proposals (starting from the list alongside this page), get in touch with us and schedule a free appointment; we will find your home in Liguria!